If a guy you're dating ignores a text message...?

I've been dating this Aquarius dude (aloof as F***) for more than 2 months. Things were normal and we've been getting closer kinda, but I am not emotional and hate to show emotions. 2 nights ago he called me I didn't pick up cause I was driving and couldn't speak, but returned his call 2 hours later when I got home (long drive). Yesterday texted him, he said he went Xmas shopping, I text back and asked something, he didn't reply.

to the dudes out there, does that mean he's with another girl? or he's trying to be a jerk so I dump him? or what?

Seriously, guys are so moody...all of a sudden they do something crazy like this. My ex did this to me once and I dumped him. Should I do the same?


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  • Is he not much of a texter? Maybe he just forgot. Just because he doesn't answer doesn't automatically mean there's another girl or anything major. He could've been in the middle of something and forgot to text back. I do that to my friends all the time. If he repeatedly does it, I would ask about it. But sometimes it's just an innocent mistake.


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  • We cannot infer that he's with another girl.

    He's not trying to be a jerk. He is one.

    Dump him.

    Learn to be more emotional so you don't drive guys away.

    He should have at least talked to you so the relationship could be saved.

    Perhaps too much water has gone under the bridge.


  • I think your kind of overreacting on this situation. He might forgot his phone at his house/

    Good Luck,

    - Harvey D

    • He answered the 1st one though, so he did have his phone. Idk, u're a guy, do you think I should chill?

    • Ya that's for sure. Try talking to him? ask him why didn't you answer my text.

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  • So you want to dump him because he didn't "reply" to your text?

    That makes him moody?

    WOW - okay.

    Aquarius are aloof - I am one - it's just cause we HATE DRAMA.

    • Thats for sure.

    • Cause it really puts me off when a guy tries to play cool. Almost like I don't wanna know them anymore! He answered the 1st text message, so why not the second?

    • Maybe what you had to say was just a "comment" and he didn't feel the need to reply or maybe what you had to say was boring. Who knows, but it doesn't mean he's playing it cool. It just means he didn't respond to 1 text - I have tons of friends who don't reply to my text messages - I certainly don't think much of it.

  • Sounds like you're extremely upset. Upset to the point you want to dump him so do it. Why he didn't respond is anybody's guess.

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