Good gift for anniversary for girl friend?

Recommend me a good gift to her... what she values is uniqueness of it and usefulness to her.

She doesn't want expensive stuff!
She doesn't value fancy stuff.

And, For example things like flowers are not valued as they are thrown out the next day. Similarly to expensive dinners ;)


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  • collage of all of your memories together with small bags filled with perhaps charm bracelet with charms representing what you love about her

    • I have given the collage... can you tell me more about bracelet thing?

    • well at juicy couture they sell a charm bracelet and you get to pick your charms.. as an anniversary gift last year my boyfriend got me the bracelet with charms representing everything he loved about me and a card explaining what each meant.. a smile ( my warm smile), clown ( my insane phobia), nails ( the way I always make sure my naila are on point), chocolate ( representing my obsession), an eye ( representing the way I look at him), a cloud ( representing that he's on cloud number 9), fries ( representing our first date we went for cheddar fries)... things like that you know

    • Thanks for the advice! Seems their dresses etc are a little bit expensive though ;)

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