Online Dating - Texting him too much?

I met a guy at the start of June online. We swapped numbers and have been talking everyday since. We live quite far apart but are making plans to meet very soon. At the beginning, he would always be the one to text first but he seems to have backed off a bit and it's more me texting first to start the conversation. Having said that, he always replies straight away but the last couple of days he seems to be saying he's going to bed earlier than usual and it almost feels like an excuse to stop talking. I know he works early every morning so maybe he's just tired. I was also thinking he's maybe ran out of things to say? Am I reading too much into this? Should I maybe wait for him to text me first or do guys not really mind? (I never repeatedly text, I always wait for a reponse which I always get.)


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  • I say don't overthink it and he is the best person to offer you an answer to your question.. ask him what is going on


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