What's creepier? Men who pick up women who are strangers or?

Women (specifically under aged women) trying to pick up their teachers/other people that coul get fired if they got involved, and or thrown in jail

The woman already knows the person they are trying to get, but the man is trying to pick up a stranger. The woman thinks she's doing no wrong because he can't get in to trouble, so, she goes after her teacher
She cant*


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  • What's wrong with a dude trying to pick up a woman who's a stranger, exactly? Who on earth considers that "creepy"?

    That's how my own mum and dad met, they were at a pub and he bought her and her friend a drink.

    Seriously, what post-modern self-degrading cuckolding age do we live in where you would even ask this question?

    • Girls don't like strange men, they only like people they know already, usually friends of friends

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    • Don't knock stranger sex until you've tried it!

    • Still haven't answered the actual question though

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