How to move on from her?

Hi everyone! I need some help/advice. I work and go to college with this girl. We are very similar in our sense of humor, same religious beliefs and are just more laid back. Unfortunately I just don't think we are at the same place in life right now. She's still younger and I feel like she wants/needs to explore life more. Where as I am looking for a relationship. I still think she is an amazing girl. I'm lucky to have got to know her and want her to be happy. Unfortunately I'm disappointed and it stings a little but how can I move on from her? I'm almost there but when I see her I still get those small feelings. I can't just avoid her obviously so what can I do?


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  • Are you sure she isn't hoping for a relationship with you too?

    • Yes. She is fairly new to college and likes going out with friends and meeting new people all of the time. Obviously I want to be able to experience that. I just feel like we are different places in life. We aren't a thing so it's not like I will breaking her heart. I just want her to be happy.

    • I meant I want her to be able to experience that.

    • You might be breaking her heart and you mightn't even know it. Well you don't sound like you're going to see her much in the future, are you? I believe it is still best for you to let her know your feelings, especially if you've been spending a lot of time with her alone. Personal observation is that even though girls like to explore and meet new people or widen their social network, they do have a guy whom they "anchor" on. Usually they have a crush on this guy, and he would be someone she is WILLING to spend exclusive time with. You don't seem to be very forthcoming in your feelings though which she may mistake as lack of interest on your part. She will thus put up the appearance of being just friends with you when inwardly she likes you. Is she the partying kind? When girls enter college, or even in late high school years for that matter, they are usually trying to find that special someone.

  • Distract yourself.


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