Why is she like this?

Ok so I told one of my close friends I liked her she said she didn't feel the same which is completely fine, I just said id need a little time to get over it. Well anyway she went on holiday for 3 weeks so that gave me the time. Also during that time I met another girl who I think I really like, weve only been on dates 4 times but still. So when my close friend got back I told her about this girl and she seemed really happy for me. So this past weekend weve been away working at a festival and my close friend kept wanting to link arms through when walking on the slippy mud, she was also touchy in other ways. This sort of behaviour was not unusual before I told her how I feel but surely now she should feel as though she shouldn't act so touchy becasue obviously it confuses me, since Im still getting over her... Also she is and always has been very nasty to me at times, its weird she's super nice then suddenly really nasty. Like she says things in almost a joking way but its nasty things which aren't funny. She often calls me annoying and always jokingly says she "hates me" yet if I dont contact her for a few days, she will be messaging me etc... Its weird she's nicer to me than her other friends but then also nastier to me than her other friends. she's often ungrateful for the friendship and the things I do for her. Yet if she does something for me she expects all the thanks in the world. How do I make her realise, she can't just talk to me and be nice to me when she wants to. Also show her thats it not all about her, she's an attention seeker often when were having conversatio she will always redirect the conversation to her talking, then when I share my view or a similar story of mine it quickly reverts back to her? If Im ever bothering her she will instantly snap with something really nasty before she even calmy asks me to stop.


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  • she bight be bipolar.


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  • Dude your doing this COMPLETELY WRONG. You know that she's a ATTENTION SEEKER. There's only one way to stop her behaving like this. You have to treat her like she's second to your new 'Girl'. Talk about your girl like she's the best thing in the world and make sure you act like your crush has gone. She knows you still feel something but the trick is to tell her that when she is touchy with you put up barriers and tell her you want to respect your new girl. If you take away the attention your giving her it makes her understand you dont deal with bullshit.
    Dont say you still like her because she likes the attention your giving her. Girls like attention by nature so dont give it to her excessively you need to in control. If she pisses you off and gets nasty get angry back and put her in position. Girls only respect you when they know they won't get away with disrespecting you. Learn from this...


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