In love with my boyfriends best friend for more than a year and his best friend is also my bestfriend?

Best friends name is cody and my boyfrienda name is jake I've met cody first through mutuak friends and then a week later jake.. me and cody always flirted with eachother but then jake asked me out and we've been dating 6 months now. But I really love cody from that day I met him I also love jake but cody always stays in my mind. me and cody get along very well we have almost everything in common and whenever jake is mean to me cody stands up for me and all of my friends say me and cody get along better than me and jake. sometimes cody still looks at me and just smiles like he's my boyfriend. cody wants to make me jealous a lo when he just makes it up that he's talking to other girls. I think he knows that it makes me jealous. What are some signs that cody likes me even though I'm going out with his best friend and whever im down cody wants to cheer me up. And sometimes jake gets very jealous whenever I talk to cody he gets very mad.. we are so the same I just love everything about cody.♥ so what are some signs please help xx


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  • Ohh... this kind of story never ends in a good way, but it's always best to know than not at all.


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  • tell him how you feel.


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