Best time to tell a girl you like her?

Ok so weve been on 3 dates, but been texting daily around 2-3weeks. Im pretty sure I really like her, would the 4th date be a good time to tell her? Or am I better off not telling her directly, for a bit just so she can still enjoy "the chase" I mean Its pretty clear we both like each other, through our texting and when we meet up, so will actually telling her I really like her make her less interested as it ruins "the chase", should I just keep showing I like her but indirectly to leave her guessing for sure and wanting me more?


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  • I go by 6 months, if we get along and i like her. then i let her know, so when i do move on dating another girl she can't say i never thought about her feelings.


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  • Games are really retarded and don't work. Be honest, it's already obvious you like her or why the hell would you be going out with her again and texting her every day. Just say you like her, it's not a marriage proposal.

  • Yes, 4th time is perfect.


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