Have I done too much damage by texting so much?

I've been texting a guy I've met online for a couple of months now and we've been chatting everyday. At the start, he would always be the one to initiate the conversation but now it always seems to be me. He does always reply and we chat for hours, though the last day or two he's been a little more short and sweet.
We are planning on meeting up in a couple of weeks, it's just been difficult so far because we live far apart.
Is texting him everyday annoying him? Should I ask him if I'm pestering him?


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  • YES, IT IS ANNOYING BECAUSE it says you have no life

    • I do work and go out with friends, I just text to ask how work was for him etc.

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  • Yup probably

  • all girls text way to much , most guys i know agree on that... ... pull back a little anyways , neediness is the most unattractive quality for men and women . sometimes you have to be willing to sacrifice the relationship to make it work.

  • It depends on how close you are.


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