Do you think everything happens for a reason?

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and a lot of people said i should text him again, and maybe he calmed down. So this morning, i decided to text him a long, more thought out apology, and i told him about my bipolar since he didn't know about it when we previously broke it off. I sent him the text around 11am and its 6pm now. He has definetely seen it, he was always on his phone alo, and would text me a lot when we were together. It's obviously over. I should be crying, but odd enough i feel relieved, like i have closure. I am still upset, but a lot more content with the situation.

We had plans to move to london england together if he made soccer ( he's already graduated, i graduate after next year) If not we were going to live in toronto together while we both attended university. We connected so strongly, i had never felt such a way before and he said the same.

Maybe he will make soccer and become super famous and i will have missed out on being with a super awesome guy, who was also very talented, but do you think its possible faith broke us apart for a reason? maybe i wasn't seeing something or if we were together it would not be the picture we painted in our heads? Do you think faith exists?
ps its not because he has a chance of being famous, i am equally upset even if he doesn't become. If he does become famous, that just adds even more salt and a reminder of my failure


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  • Well yeah, that's basic causality. Didn't I answer this already?

    • I don't know, smartass

      why do you keep commenting on my posts if your just going to have attitude and you know you are going to dislike my opinions?

      Kinda seems like you are torturing yourself a bit, doesn't it?

      "basic causality" i guess you've never loved anyone before eh?

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  • Nope. For everything to have a reason there should be someone controlling everything that happens.

    And with the happenings in the world that boy must be totally fucking retarded.

    • I'm confused is the last line a compliment?

    • I didn't mean your boyfriend by "that boy". I meant that guy who must be the controller of everything, or God.

    • ooooooooh I get what your saying

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  • Soo ummm you're sad because he could've been famous smh

    • um not just that but thats part of it yeah

      i would be just as upset if he wasn't

  • Your young. Move on and it will take time but pain subsides over time

  • Sometime they do, sometimes they don't.

  • Na. Sometimes bad things are just that. To believe otherwise condemns those less fortunate to having somehow deserved their fate. Worse, it can lead us to accepting injustice.
    Instead, take solace in that you have control; there is no higher power or grand destiny governing the outcome of your life. Make the best you can of it!


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