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i hang out with my boyfriend a lot and all he does is sit on the computer I find it rude but he says o just give me a min so I do then 3 hrs later he gets off I don't know if I should talk to him cause it will just lead into another argument and I really don't want that cause he's my first love.


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  • Aww. Is he really playing WoW tho? My best friend's boyfriend is like that. He used to come over and just play on her computer. They used to fight about it a lot. One night she was over at his place and he wouldn't put the game away so she left and told him not to ever ask her to hang with him if all she's gonna do is sit and watch him play computer games. He definitely learned his lesson, lol.

    Moral of the story? Tell him how you feel. He's not gonna change if you don't give him a reason to.


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  • wow, what a loving relationship.

    Tell him to get his addicted ass off of Warcraft and spend time with his girlfriend. Tell him he is boring and you are getting bored. Don't hide away your issues just to save an argument, life doesn't work that way.


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  • 1) Tell him it would be nice if you could both do more things together when you are hanging out, when your not there he can stay on his computer all he wants right? I hope it works

    2) You need to be a bit more tougher on him if he is on the computer for more than 30mins when you are around..Walk out! Cheez you sit there for three hours whilst he is on the computer!

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