SOS I think I scared a guy, what to do now?

we knowing each other for a month,
he is 30, 3 years old then me
tho he said he doesn't want relationship,
we were all cool,
sex, movie, dinner, going out, he texts me everyday, buy me gift after holiday... for a month.
and then one day i went sentimental,
coz knowing he is seeing other girl.
so I said some emotional words...
why people doesn't want to get coupled now days, etc
and then he said to me he gave up on love long time ago
coz he has to foucs on other stuff...
and then he said he is busy and sorry.
after that, i text him few funny tease mesgs like usual next day,
no replay...
today i didn't text him,
no mesg...
did i scared him off?
what should I do now?
I kinda like him...

he is a big workholic


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What Guys Said 1

  • It's only been a day or two... It's impossible to say

    • there was situation, he had couple of dates before, very hot girls, but they wanted relationship with him, so he stopped text them anymore. He told me before, I thought it's nothing to do with me, bcoz I just out of a 6 years relationship and I didn't want anything more than sex from him, and he was happy i was really cool about it, but since he has been so nice, in many way- hug me whole nite when we sleep, I can even just sleep over without sex with him in his place, and text me everyday when he is in the other country, take me to movie... I mean he did better than a real boyfriend, I felt really bad when I see other girls text him... I don't know how he would take my sentimental emotional texts 2 days ago now, tho I didn't say anything about him, I was just saying generally people barely know each other, but they just sleep together so easy now days...

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    • A week should be fine, then send through a hello stranger maybe

    • thanks :)))

What Girls Said 1

  • You should forget about him.

    • ... it's so hard to find some to just want sth pure with u...

    • It's true. It is.

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