Is he pulling away or breaking up with me?

My boyfriend of two years has been really distant and withdrawn lately. Since we don’t live together, it is extra hard on me not seeing or even talking to him as much. He has recently moved to a new place and has some health problems. I have tried to not add to his stress and give him space, but it hurts me how things are. He is responsive if I contact him, but he doesn’t initiate much if at all. I haven’t heard from him in a few days now.

Will he forget about me if I don’t text/call him? Should I just move on? I am so sad right now and feel like if he loved me and still wanted me, he wouldn’t push me away. If I don’t contact him, will he think I am not interested and find someone else?

I just don’t know what to do/think.
Is that everyone else's opinion, too?


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  • he breaking up.


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