Why don't guys I like ever like me back?

I'm skinny and pretty (not trying to be cocky) but none of my crushes ever liked me back.
Only two guys liked me- one of these guys' friend walked up to me and told me this guy had a crush on me.
I've been rejected once and it sucked big time.
Why don't the guys I like like me back?
by the way I'm 16


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  • This is a part of life that never goes away, I'm sorry to say. The bright side is you will meet so many people in your life that you like and like you back too. Someday you'll meet a guy that will make you glad that those other dudes didn't like you because then you wouldn't be with him. Trust me, then you'll forget all about the past rejections!


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  • you're still young, you will find someone.


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  • Maybe since you have no similar interests so is there something that connects you disregarding your good looks which I am sure are amazing. Ou need the gooey stuff to get a relationship.

    Also can I have you number

  • I've been rejected too. The only way to get past rejections is getting many of them, ha ha! Unfortunately, I didn't want to endure that, and now it's kind of late to start this dating thing, so I'll probably leave it there.


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