How to make small talk that leads somewhere with girl at lunch?

i'm so frustrated i like this girl and see her at lunch all the time as she works at this place i go to now and then. she has shown some interest in talking to me but our conversations haven't really gone anywhere yet although i have got the feeling she has warmed up to me more than when we first meet. i'm just having a hard time coming up with some easy conversation ideas or like how to turn my ordering food into getting her to talk to me on more of a personal level


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  • Do you have any female friends? If you do, you should just talk to this girl the same way that you talk to your friends. This will get you to a point where you know each other a little better and will help you better gauge her interest level. Once you know what some of her favorite things are ask her to do one of her favorite activities with you, this will build upon your relationship and doing an activity you both enjoy for the first date ensures that the focus will not be on conversation the whole time. There will be no awkward silences because you can fill the time with whatever the two of you are enjoying together.

    • yeah there is other girls that I talk to , not at the place she works though but at other places I go. I'd have an easy time making conversation with her if I had more time , at lunch don't really have more than 15 minutes there and even less time one on one with her , usually when I'm ordering/paying or getting food when its ready is when I have an opportunity to talk to her

    • I see your problem, you've not got s lot of time to chat. I would recommend asking her if she did anything interesting over the weekend at the beginning of a week. Since you have already had previous conversations she might feel comfortable sharing what she enjoys doing on weekends. If you're lucky this could be your opportunity. If she gives you some canned response like "Oh, I didn't do anything much" or "just relaxed" maybe she isn't ready to divulge that yet so keep it up for a while, if she doesn't eventually open up when you try to get to know her she probably isn't interested but at least you'll know! If you can't figure out a shared interest just ask her on a safe date like grabbing a coffee so you can get to know her better in a more comfortable setting.

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