Should I go for a casual fling when I know I leave in a month?

As an air force brat I move around a lot. I've been on and off again friends with this guy for a while. Recently he's started flirting since he found out I leave in a month. Both of us just got out of relationships and we really just want a casual fling. Should I go for it though when I leave so soon?


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  • If you're both open with each other that it's just a fling and nothing more, then there's nothing wrong with that. Careful not to let things develop, though, because it's harder than you'd expect to stop yourself from falling for someone once you start things.


What Girls Said 1

  • If it's what you both want and are aware that there can't be anything more than that, I don't see the problem. Just be sure that it's what you really want and that feelings won't get involved, attachments and have it be all messy and hard when you have to leave.

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