Girls, How Could A Guy Get Out Of The Friend Zone With You?

I responded to a young G@Ger who had been friend zoned and wanted another shot at active duty. I told him it was unlikely to happen once he was in the friend zone but there was no harm in trying. Have you ever put a guy in the friend zone and later decided that you wanted to date him? If so, did the guy do anything that redeemed his value as a potential boyfriend or did you just change your evaluation of him?


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  • I agree that he should at least try to let her know he wants more on the off chance he is wrong about being friend zoned. They may be friends but no more because one or both of them was in a relationship.

    But if he is truly locked in to the friend zone in her head then there is no getting out. I agree with
    @luringeyes women are different than men on this. We know pretty quickly who we would or wouldn't get into bed with. Once you're in the wouldn't box that is where you shall stay and it isn't really even on looks for me.

    • Yes. I totally understand. Most men have that virtually instant decision-making process but it is based almost entirely on appearances.

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    • Thanks. That was an informative response!

    • @asker thanks for MHO

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  • Nope, no hope for release from the friendzone.

    My friendzone is actually littered with guys I really don't talk to/hang with, either. Just a way to let them down without crushing them too badly.

  • Unlike majority of men who change their mind about girls quite often, for most women, if she puts you in the friend zone, sadly you are stuck there period.
    The main way to get out of the friend zone would be to make a move earlier rather then becoming her best friend first, at least if she knows you like them she will look at you in a more "boyfriend" type of light rather then solely a friend one.
    (Yes you still hang out with her and so one but if you let your feelings knows early and you guys are both mature adults then you can handle a friendship that could lead to something more that then a strong friendship that will lead to nothing more.)

  • once you're in the friendzone, you're not getting out.


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