I really like this girl a lot. What do I do?

Alright, so I want to be like a pro MMA fighter.

I have been going to this massage clinic for a while now and getting a massage from the same girl. Anyways, long story short, she ASKED for my number, featured me on her instagram, sent me a selfie without me asking, and she even told me she was single without me asking either.

Yes, it may seem like she likes me but whenever we text, she would either be super delayed at responding OR won't respond at all. And an odd part is, she posted a photo on her instagram of a dessert, and written on it was "happy 2nd date" The dessert was from a restaurant I worked at as a server.

Whenever I do see her for a massage, we flirt super hard. We even made a joke that I am a male stripper and she said she would come out and watch me dance. lol. odd.

Anyways, I see her tomorrow for another massage. It may very well be the last massage I get from her just because I do like her a lot and her constantly playing all these games is frustrating me. What should I do?

Give me some tips please! Anything will help!



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  • So, tomorrow, towards the end of your massage, you ask her, "Do you limit yourself to flirting or do you date former clients? I'm asking because this will probably be my last massage from you but I don't want it to be the last time that I see you."


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