A girl just really opened up to me and then when she asked me what we were, I told her just friends and I feel really guilty?

So I met this girl on an online dating site, from the very beginning she was being very pushy for a date. I am about to move to the city she lives in. She came on really heavy and seemed very very clingy. I was kind of turned off by it but I didn't want to cut it off so I didn't hurt her feelings because she seemed really nice. Well today she started opening up about how much she hates dating because she's had bad experiences with it. She ranted about it, obviously something just happened but I didn't want to ask seeing as I've only really been talking to her for a week. Anyway she asked me if I was only interested in a friendship or more and I told her friendship because I didn't want to lead her on.

She keeps apologizing for hitting on me and I told her that I do like talking to her (which I do) but I feel really bad... She says she still wants to hang out and what not once I move there, which I agreed to. But I just felt like I kicked her while she was down and I feel bad... did I handle this correctly? I think it was the right move, better to do it now than later, but yea...
The problem is now she is really pursuing why I was on the site to begin with and she is trying to understand. Which is only making me feel more guilty, I was kind of just hoping for a clean break, I mean after all, I've only been talking to her for a week and I've only ever seen her over snapchat and text...


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  • Yeah you did. Just try and stay being her friend because I was that girl at one point then the guy decided one day to stop talking to me. Hurt a lot.


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  • If you weren't really interested in more than friendship I think you shouldn't feel guilty. It's better to tell her the truth than giving her false hopes of being with you. You did the right thing.

    • I wasn't sure at first, but it was pretty quickly that I realized I didn't want to date her. There was never a good time to bring it up till now and she brought up so many dates that I was overwhelmed, she planned like 3 dates ahead...

    • lol, she was at least very carried away. But I say again, you did the right thing, it's better for her to be disappointed now than in the future.

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  • Leading her on would be cruel, but you never need to apologize for being honest.


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