Confused about recent "girlfriend"?

We been texting since December. She always says she wants us to go out to places together but every time the planned moment or day comes. She instantly has something else to do and acts like we never planned anything. She only wants to text and never talks through phone. She wants a relationship and conciders us as bf/gf but nobody knows about me on her side. She will however go and hangout with her friends either at a bar or the friends house where other guys are present and always tells how much fun it was and gets all upset when I ask about the other guys. She admits to texting a coworker more than me and he is a guy but they are only "friends". She is 25 and supposedly still a virgin. I'm about to end this so called " relationship" but first wanna here peoples opinion on it. Any ideas what is going on and why is she doing this?


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What Girls Said 1

  • If you want to end it, end it.

    • It has been ended. But now she is sorry and wanting to "date" again but then she is unsure if she wants to date and still doesn't want to meet even though she said she will change. I have never had this happen in a relationship before and I'm confused about it. Why do girls do this?

What Guys Said 1

  • She is in love with the romanticized idea of having a boyfriend but damned afraid of actually having a boyfriend. This one will be too much work. Move on!

    • That's exactly how I been thinking about it. I guess work has me too busy to stop and act towards it. Lol

    • Better luck next time around. Make sure that you learn your lessons from this experience, then go out and recruit the next lucky contestant!

    • I've already learned this from past experience when I was much younger. I wanted to throw this question out there so young others can learn from it before they are trapped in as such relationship

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