Girls, What does it mean when you say this?

If you meet a Random guy in the club and have a short conversation and after some time you say " Hey you are really nice ", while slightly brushing against his arm.

What do you actually think of him? Please vote an option on the poll and comment on your opinion.

Thanks, girls :)
  • You are NOT attracted to him , BUT see him as a good person.
    Vote A
  • You are sexually attracted to him and find him really nice as well.
    Vote B
  • You are NOT attracted to him and DON'T like his personality , but you are being polite.
    Vote C
  • You are sexually attracted to him and want to have casual sex.
    Vote D
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Most Helpful Girl

  • It's either A or B. I voted B, because it's equally possible. Try to talk with her again and observe how she acts around you. :)

    • Thanks :) She said that " You are a really nice guy " and then smiled while lightly brushing against the arm.

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    • Humm, I'd say she was attracted to guy B then. xD

    • If you are sexually attracted to 2 guys standing next to each other with you, how would you react?

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What Girls Said 2

  • D, we say things to get into guys' pants XD

    • Thanks :) So when you say " You are a really nice guy " while lightly brushing his arm , you want to have casual sex with him ?

  • not attracted.

    • Thanks :) But why would the girl slightly brush against his arm , when saying it?

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