Christian girls, would you lose ANY interest in a guy if you found out he parties (guys with direct experience welcome too)? Why or why not?

Would you lose ANY interest in a guy if you found out he parties? I mean rarely, once every few years or so. Not getting crazy drunk or anything. I think the fact that I don't party makes me stand out from a lot of guys.
Why or why not?

Could that be more attractive than never partying?
I'm not involved with anyone right now, just interested in a few different people
Women 19+ only please...


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  • As a 22 year old Christian girl, I can say that the simple fact that a guy parties does not make him more or less attractive. Age, stage of life, maturity level, etc would factor in though. I just graduated from college so I'm in that age range where people go to parties and bars and such. Partying (or not partying) is just one factor that makes up a guy's personality and does not make him better or less than other guys.

    • Well it's more a question of would you ASSUME he does things like get crazy drunk and have sex at a party and all that? If he did, would that be a turnoff?

    • i wouldn't assume that

    • Nice to know haha. Forget sex, what if he watched some strippers? What would you think of him?

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  • It depends how serious she is about her beliefs. I know some hardcore Christian girls and they would not be happy with you going out and partying mostly because they see it as an excuse to sin.

    If they are less uptight I dont think they would care as much.


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  • I haven't in the past... But if his party life interferes with our relationship friendship or otherwise it would start to develop a divide

    • I'm not involved with anyone right now, just interested in a few different people

    • It also depends on where she is at. If she's looking for someone she wants to be with and develop a life with. You have to be ready to make those changes. She may not ever ask you to change because at least on my house we weren't raised to make someone change. But if she's important you'll want to make that change for her. Knowing her life doesn't really accommodate that type of lifestyle

    • Yes, mature girls. I very rarely go to parties, it's not a lifestyle thing at all haha

  • I'd actually be weirded out if a guy DIDN'T go to parties, what the fuck does this have to do with Christianity? Jesus drank.

    • Drinking isn't a sin, but getting drunk is. When you're drunk you lose your ability to control yourself besides other things.

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    • Being drunk or high is a sin, it says it right in the bible.

    • No, being a "drunkard" is a sin, know your sins. Getting drunk once in a blue moon isn't being a drunkard

  • It's oka to party and have fun just be sure to make the right choices


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