My ex wants to hang out? how to get him back?

So I'm confused . I was somewhat dating this one guy...It wasn't official because when he tried to I just basically rejected him (BIG MISTAKE) OK I'm going to make this short and get to the point. We only seen each other twice a month for 4 months. Kissed twice...i acted mean and get attitudes with him for no reason. never call him. and he would always put effort into trying to be with me. I would get jealous and mad about other girls I clearly knew he had nothing to do with. I acted immature big tme! at the end of October I got mad at him for a stupid reason and plaid the no texting game..i guess he got tired of it and told me he thinks we wouldn't work out as a couple only as friends. that its best for both of us. that I don't ever call him. text him first have time for him and I'm mean to him and don't trust him, a relationship without trust wouldn't work.

ok so after that he basically stopped talking to me. I tried texting him once in a while and he would act cold and indifferent. throughout the month of November he texted me once. okay so basically this one night I texted him and got no reply got mad and sent him a msg online saying I was just trying to be his friend. but he acted like he did not care. if that was the case to let me know and I would leave him alone.that simple. after that seems like things changed I stopped trying to get a hold of him and he texted me saying his phone was disconnected and we should go see a movie or something later on...that he would comment me on MySpace like once . start talking to him on IM whenever we were both twice. then another day he texts me asking how this club was..i reply then text him the next day and he acts all nice and says I should of invited him..and keeps trying to converse.last weekend he texted what I was doing that night...then sat the same..i was busy both nights...throughout this time of him trying to talk to me I barely texted him first he was the one looking for me this time. then yesterday I text him he says wow its a miracle you texted...says I should go to this party so I can see him...and I told him we should hang out after the holidays and he said we definitely should because he hasn't seen me in like 3 months.

I'm confused at first he acts like he doesn't care then he acts like he does..does he or does he not. I mean I know I messed up and treated him wrong and he was right to break up with me and I regret that because I like him a lot and want to fix things. but I'm so nervous and scared to see him. confused about how he feels. how can I get him to be more than just my friend again? sorry if this is confusing


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  • Thats exactly the same thing I went thru, ya'll should go out and you should talk to him bout how you felt and everything and tell him how you feel you made a mistake and would really like to try this relationship again if he would let you because my girl acted the same and I did exactly what he did till months later we got together and talked and now were 2yrs in our relationship everybody make foolish mistakes.


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