Guys, Why does this guy act a certain way when we're together but ignores me when I'm not around him?

It's my ex. We hang out periodically and do the same stuff and he treats me the same way as when we were in a relationship together. The only difference is we don't say Iove you to each other and he ignores me when I try and text or call him. Sometimes he answers and it's within a minute but not very often.

What's up with him? 😐😐
Guy's please help me understand this!!!


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  • Since you are not together anymore, he does not feel compelled to do things he doesn't feel like doing with you. One of those things seems to be to answer you when he doesn't feel like it... I am sure that if you offered him sex, he would answer in a minute. If you ask him to come see a chick flick and eat celery at your place and then listen to you talk about the dreams you made last night and later not have sex, he probably won't answer until a week after, once he is sure that the celery went bad...

    • Okay and...

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    • No he has came back before and he does like me

    • If he came back before, why did he leave after? Did he remember why he left the first time?

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  • It could be that u r his ex... dunno just sayin. What exactly are u expecting out of him?

    • I want to get back together.

    • ahh hell not you again... do yourself a favor and forget this guy, no amount of asking this question on here is going to change the outcome. You are his backup plan and that is bad news for you so ignore him. Anyone can act sweet.

  • He only wants the physical and no emotional love and you give it to him. Simple... move on.

    • I know it's just not that because he compliments me and is sweet and everything

  • could be a number of things babe


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