Have you ever dated an insecure person?

Like not the jealous type, but really self conscious. Like a shy bully victim.

I like a guy, and he likes me, but I'm thinking about calling it quits before it begins. I am very self conscious. I was bullied by mostly guys all throughout school. I think that I'm very unattractive. The guy that I like is handsome, sweet, and confident.
I feel like I'd hurt him because he's ready to fall in love, but I'm damaged and have my guards up. He deserves better.

Have you been or had someone like me?
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  • Just stop being sad and start being awesome. You should feel good about the fact that such a guy is willing to put energy into building you up.

    • You're right. I wish it was easier to do that. It just seems that my self esteem never gets better.

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