He said I am very special... Yet... He had forgotten my Birthday again... Should I stay or should I go NOW?

I have been dating/seeing this guy for almost 2yrs now... and It's been a roller coaster... As I was telling him that I have in doubts of what he truly feels for me... as he has hurt my feelings for few times... even If he says that it is unintentionally but common? once,.. twice,... third time...
he always say that I am extremely special to him and I should believe on that... Because we had been having the same conversation... I messaged him I am unhappy of what is going on...
How mean He could be... It is not the first... but the 2nd time He had forgotten my Birthday... worst is... at 11:59PM a minute before my "special day"... He sent me a message that He wants to give me a space... and I shouldn't be thinking that He doesn't think of me! Ofcourse... He again... forget of my Birthday!..& yet He keeps telling me I am very special to him and love, he is crazy for me! Now i am so fed up and truly believe he is such an asshole!
Do I have the right to be upset? Would it be indeed the right time to walk away from all his bullshit excuses? How should I message him back? "Thank you for giving me a space I need on my Birthday! I am indeed very special?"

thanks in advance!


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  • Only you can decide if what you get out of the relationship is worth what you are putting into it. What are you getting out of it?

    • It is not worth to stay longer... and what he has done... He ended it perfectly... He kept telling me his deep feelings all the shit... He wants me to be positive & believe on him! So what now? Now I can be out and be with someone else I can be happy with.

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  • First off, happy belated birthdays 😊😊❤
    Second, if he's not walking the talk then he's no good and should be put away so u can be free with someone much better. But i suggest giving yourself a mini breather first.

    • Thanks Realfire22... How unimagineable it was...& I got my answer on a perfect time! He is such an ahole...

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    • This bullshit... threat me he will die... He is full of it now! I will leave before I die first of all the pains that He is giving me! I better not see him... am so pissed at him! He is taking advantage of my vulnerability as a woman!

    • Well i honestly hope u go through with dumping and leaving him. I wish u the best.

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  • If you go there will be trouble.
    But if you stay it will be double.

    • Yes He will be in trouble coz he won't get away with his reasoning this time! Asshole... a message right on my Birthday! Men are so careless!

    • It's a song lol... the last part of your question was "should i stay or should i go NOW" It's literally the start of the chorus for a Clash song

What Girls Said 2

  • it is not a good sign
    it is time to walk away from all the bullshitness

    • I really think so! How insensitive that is... Last year, He knew I was upset that even just a "thought"... of greeting me! I guess this year is worst! For sure He has another BS reason again...

    • he just makes you upset so time to leave

  • People talk shit all day long. His actions, or lack of them, show that he doesn't give a shit about you. Sorry.

    • Thanks! I truly think so! All the time this is what we have been arguing coz I never believe on his bullshitness! It is the time! Somehow, Even though I was hurt but relieved... He proves that He is a heartless asshole!

    • You go girl.

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