How do I get over a girl?

There was a girl I really liked and day in day out she would flirt with me. And all her friends told me she liked me. This other guy we hang out with May of liked her too and she kind of liked him also but the day I was gonna ask her out he ended up asking her out and told my friend he did it just so I wouldn't. He treats her like crap and it's just not a good feeling knowing I could of been with her but he wanted to do that. I've never had a damn girlfriend and that happens and was so close. It's just weird being around them now and stuff. She told one of my friends she still kinda likes me and she kept whispering to me that he's boring and stuff. Does anyone know how to get over this? It's such a bad feeling. Just seems like I won't ever find a girl. He talked bad about me to her I think because he was jealous. Whenever I'm around him and she's not there he talks bad about her.


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  • Meet other women.


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  • There'll be plenty of guys like that. It's just how it is. If she can't recognize him as trash, then you deserve better anyway.

    I'm 22, tall, very fit, intelligent, and funny, yet even then my last girlfriend was when I was 15.

    Just move quicker next time. Don't get discouraged. Girls like to be pepped up. Being around sad people makes you sad. My advice? Perk up bro. If someone dashes ahead in line, no sweat. Keep your cool.

    It sounds like this guy won't be with her for very long. A guy who raises his value by lowering everyone elses will always be regarded as less preferable to a guy who makes everyone feel good for who they are and tries to help.

    I think you can go the distance still.

    • That's what I think to. It's just weird because the day I was gonna ask her I had found out he did that because he didn't want me to. She still tells my friends she likes me kind of and when she was on the phone with him argueing she said something like she would rather be with me. I really could care less if he hated me if I tried going out with her but I'm not sure how to approach her on that if she breaks up with him. She still try's talking to me a lot but it's just depressing right now.

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    • The next time she mentions that he's boring, tell her that she can do better. This shows that you think she's a high-caliber girl and raises her self-image as well as her opinion of you for doing so. Make her realize that her value and his value are different and that she would probably be happier with someone else.

      Calmly explain why she deserves better, and why he isn't the best match for her. Don't trash talk him or kiss her ass when doing so. It's not about ruining him but helping her.

      By expressing the things you believe a boyfriend should be, you are sneakily putting yourself forward as a candidate. You don't come right out and say 'date me'. Women give men tests for eligibility automatically. They do it so fast and so often that they don't even know they do it.

      When you do this, you are giving something for her to test, and that is you.

    • But you've stacked the deck. You have said what kind of guy a boyfriend should be, and when giving your opinion, she will automatically translate your position into your eligibility.

      She is already at odds with the other guy, and already likes you. Loaded dice. You just need to roll them. They're in your favor.

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  • YO! YOU DON'T NEED TO GET OVER HER, just uhh get with her. like when u guys vibin alone, find a good moment and kiss her, passionately and if she kisses u back, or u end up having sex with her (bonus)... then tell her how you feel, and that you've felt this way for a while. and she'll totally dump his ass for you... oooh oohh a poem, write a poem. poems are great, if you're not good at writing, send me a pic and I'll write her a poem for you.
    side note: if you know he can beat ur ass, make sure to cover ur head. Personally never had my ass beat, but u might cuz I don't know u lol

  • Remember these hoes ain't nuthin but cheese on a board!


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