Girls, is my girlfriend cheating? (read the rest) ?

what does it mean if my my girlfriend loves me so much. I love her so much. we kiss each other every second we text 7 or 8 times per day we see each other evey day. we always care bout each other s feeling etc.. since my birthday:
-she didn't say happy bday (she used to send paragraphs)
-we speak 1 time every one or two days (I always start the convo , she used to start it)
-we dont see ach other anymore
-she s always with her phone. laughing and sending nudes and kisses ( she s my neighbour)
but she says I still love you ur my only one.. every time we chat. is she cheating on me?


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  • Wouldn't say cheating but definitely a sign she is losing interest. Nine times out of ten she's seeing someone else or someone has her attention


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  • She might have lost her intrest in you and found someone way more exciting. Who knows?

  • She sounds bored maybe... or just maturing.


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