Hi guys English is my 2nd language so can you please help explain what his texts mean?

me: what ur doing tonight?
him: I have a dinner wbu?
me: me too. do u wanna meet after?
him: I would say yes, but I have just found out the dinner is at xxx, so it may take a while to get to yours haha.
me: No worries:)

my question is did he meant he probs can't make it or yes he can just depending on time dinner finishes? at the time I thought he was just making excuses and I sent "no worries" pretty quickly...
sorry forgot to mention he also sent " it depends on when dinner finishes" after his last text.


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  • "I would say yes, but.." - meaning "no". The rest is irrelevant (it only explains why he can't).


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  • It usually means "no".


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