How over-zealously religeous would someone have to be before it became a dealbreaker?

Pick the LEAST reason where it would be too much
  • He/she would really really like you to try hIs/her church one Sunday, and see what you think... and mentions it often
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  • He/she is pretty straightforward that he/she couldnt pursue a relationship with you unless you would be willing to attend his/her church regularly (maybe its a faith that you already proscribe to, though, just "prettymuch every sunday"...)... .
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  • He/she is the leader of a congregation, or otherwise *very* devoted to his her faith, and its clear that his/her beliefs will impact your every day life (church functions beyond normal Sunday church meetings, say 2-4 extra church-dealies a week?)
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  • He/she started a religeon (or some sort of weird, but apparently harmless, cult), and will probably need you to stand by him/her through active persecution (and i guess for this one to work, you'd probably be a convert?)
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  • He/she has decided that he/she is the mortal facet of a god or demigod, but only expects you just to know that...
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  • Well that escalated quickly...
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  • Huh? (other)
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Most Helpful Guy

  • I've been "coerced" to go to a church gathering once.
    God damn... it's like going to a brainwash facility.
    The songs are specifically designed to be earworms with the melody to stay in your head afterwards.

    2 hours of praising and the front few rolls of churchgoers being VERY... VERY into it... as if they can LITERALLY hear Jesus.


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What Girls Said 5

  • Church and I have very mixed feelings rn so I wouldn't be able to tolerate any pressuring to go to church or be involved. But I am impressed how we went from a cult of personality to a straight up cult XD

  • Voted C. I could never be a preacher's wife. I'm religious and attending church regularly is not an issue. But the preacher's family is the example for the church and I don't have what it takes to do that.

  • I can't stand church. I wouldn't even go once to please them.

  • If they absolutely couldn't date me unless I go to their church.

    Like damn, you ask nicely and I'll go for support. But demanding I attend your church? Nah man. Can't agree with that.

    • Maybe he's trying hard not to demand, but just really really labors the point that he's "looking for someone who shares the same spiritual values" or something?

    • Eh, I don't care about that kind of thing. But if that's what he prefers I'm sure there's plenty of other women to choose from.

    • Well there you go 😊 Smart girl, in my opinion

  • Just don't make me go with you is all


What Guys Said 2

  • As not being religious myself, it doesn't take much... if it is just dating, I don't care. but If I were thinking about kids, i refuse to raise my kids in any one religion unless they want to pick one, which I would support.

  • Listed... ANY OF THE ABOVE


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