Girls, Third date problems ( self induced ) ?

Ladies, whats your perspective?
Had an amazing 3rd date, she was very touchy, suggested we leave after 90 minutes, all over me back to the car.. kissed her on her car. But I called it short ( Having something un associated heavily on my mind, closing was the last thought )
She was really pissed as she left, never answered my couple of calls that week...
Now she has no idea I had something heavy on my mind, would a girl see this as a huge rejection and take massive offence? I don't think emotionally , and apologies for being a meathead


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  • She probably feels rejected. Unless you find a way to explain the situation then I don't see her going past it after only 3 dates. If I understood what happened and that it wasn't a rejection I would probably give a second chance, but I don't know if all girls would.

    • That's fair enough. I don't think she ever realized what was going on in my head at the time that night, I never really let her in

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    • When I did find her, she did say she was a confused mess , so that makes a lot of sense

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  • yes, but hopefully she will give you the time of day to explain yourself, because she can't run away forever and then suddenly pop up and demand for an explanation.


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