I think too much about my boyfriend?

I have the problem that I think too much about my boyfriend. In the beginning we used to see each other almost every day. I thought that was too much, but I didn't say anything about it to him. My boyfriend and I have arguments quite a lot. So he came up with the idea to see each other less, his friend also talked him into this. Now we see each other less and I was not happy about it. Not because I wouldn't see him but because it was so forced and he forced it on us. But the problem is that I think too much about him, he is always on my mind. Even when I'm with my friends or family. Its like I'm always in a hurry to see him. Even when im having some alone time. I think about him, analyze our arguments or think about stuff he said or did. He said he thinks (a lot) about me, but I dont think its the same as me. He seems to cope without me just fine. He has fun with his friends and does stuff on his on without really wanting to see me.


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  • You have a fear growing inside that he's pulling away from you & may break up with you because of something you did. This is why you think about him all the time, analyze your passed arguments & fear he's happy without you around.

    Talk to him about your concerns before you drive yourself crazy.

    • It did feel the seeing each other less was him pulling away, so I didn't like it. But I also dont need to see him every day, just the fact that he SAID he WANTED to see each other less botheredWe also did break up a couple of times but never longer than an hour. And even when we are on good terms, I still think about him so its not always about the fighting

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