Is this a trainwreck waiting to happen!? MEN, help me Figure Him Out!

I've been dating this guy for almost a year. (10 months to be exact). I'm 21, him 22, and work together at the same place.

Although we have been sleeping together for a while, our relationship isn't entirely about that. When I go over his house, sometimes it's just to sleep or cuddle and watch tv. Even though he is a guy he still manages to do sweet things once in a while. He'll cook us a nice dinner, Throw in a back massage sometimes, He also bought me something for valentine's day. We have both been able to agree on being exclusive, BUT he says he doesn't want a "full on serious relationship". We act like we are a couple, everyone knows we are together. His thoughts on the matter are that if we do make everything "official" then things will get messed up and more stressful/complicated etc.

And on a second note, I found two condoms in his dresser drawer the other day. One was trojan, the other "planned parenthood". Wtf. He says they were from a while back but the exp. Date on them is for 2012. Condoms are only good for up to 5 years so that would mean he had to of gotten them within the last few months. I talked to him last night on the phone and brought it up. He still continued to say "they're from a while ago" and "i don't know when I got them" I told him that after all the things we have been through and how hard I have worked to make things ok, that I wouldn't leave him and that I just wanted him to be honest. After asking him a few times he got frustrated with me and hung up the phone. And here I sit this morning puzzled as all hell.

So, Question One: How much does a title define a relationship? Is he saying he doesn't want to be in one because it WOULD complicate and change things, Or is he feeding me B. S?

Question Two : I basically gave him a "Get out of jail free card"

So why is he still trying to lie? He knows I know something is up. Why can't he just come clean!? We were supposed to be exclusive. Agreed on BOTH parts.

Any honest advice and help is really appreciated.

Because really, I'm losing my mind.


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  • Were you using condoms when you had sex together? If not, I would be curious as to why he suddenly purchased some.

    • No. They're not mine. It's awkward because honestly, between work and hanging out with me and his friends (which I can verify) I don't know how the hell he would find time to even see another girl. Not to mention he calls me every night. Literally. And that's while we're in bed usually around 12-1 ish. So I don't understand how he could see someone else in between anything. It just doesn't add up.

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