What should I do?

Im absolutely BORED at the town i live in. Its lacks culture and people (about 174.000) which isn't much but its also very depressing at times. My family lives there and i would like to be close with them i found a place at a bigger city 35 min away with no family or friends (my mom is scared) but some days i feel like going somedays i feel like staying but staying makes me so sad. What should i do?
im 23


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  • Make some friends.. Go out n have fun... you can try joining some sports clubs.. or dance clubs or just to a local pub or bars


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  • You should go to the bigger city. Explore it, experience things, learn from your mistakes. You'll enjoy life much better. But when you are feeling down and feeling like you may be losing yourself, go back to that boring town and ground yourself.

    Always remember who you are, once you make that move, you're going to miss it. Luckily you can always go back if you need to.


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