Do you think more young men these days "lack game" with women?

It seems to me these men in their 20's/30's come on too strong and say filthy things to women. Men need to relax and let them come to you. Chasing after women scares them.


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  • No, I disagree. I think men in our generation are labeled "creepy" and "weird" by their counterparts but in reality, it has nothing to do with this "game" people speak of. It has more to do with the fact most women find a broke guy "creepy", while some rich and famous guy suddenly has "game."

    Unfortunately, women in my generation hate being approached. They think it's "weird", unless you're some famous guy with a lot of cash. I don't think chasing women is wrong at all.

    I couldn't disagree more with this one.


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  • Some guy on here said something that was interesting. People do things sometimes in order to look good externally (themselves) or to make (themselves) feel good. Other times, people do things to make others look good externally, or make other people feel good. Well, which one do you think girls prefer?

    It's one thing to say that guys shouldn't be like all machismo and stuff and cat calling women. But that doesn't mean, therefore, the "correct" thing to do is the opposite of that. That's like saying that a skin-and-bones anorexic person is unhealthy, so what is healthy is someone that's morbidly obese.

    Girls want guys to chase them, period. Get over it and deal with it. Why? Because it takes courage and strength (not physical strength, but emotional and psychological strength) for a man to put his own ego aside and cater to the girl's ego, her emotional needs, and her need to feel safe, secure, powerful, in control, wanted, cherished, special, etc. in that moment.

    Guys who chase after women don't scare women. Guys who want to "force" themselves onto women despite women indicating "no," and can't take a hint of disinterest scare women. There's a difference.

    There's nothing wrong with a guy trying. It's human and normal to try. When a girl then indicates that she's not interested, it's not scary for a guy to be a little sad and upset, but them quickly move on like that girl didn't ever exist. That's emotionally healthy and not scary or creepy. What's scary and creepy is when a guy will just not accept that a girl doesn't want him, and he persists, as if it's going to change her mind. That's scary, because as a girl, you don't know if he's going to rape you, or kill you, or kidnap you and keep you in a basement, or hurt you, etc. Such a guy is crazy, he's indicating to you that he's batsh*t crazy.

    Now, I'm respectful of guys. So, I'm not going to use emotionally manipulative terms and cheap ploys like, "Boys need to learn to be men," or "Guys need to grow a pair," or phrases of similar import to call a guy's masculinity or sexual identity into question, or hold it hostage, unless he does what I want him to do.

    All I'll say is that unless a guy intends on raping me, he needs my consent to have sex with me. He will not get my consent unless he makes me feel good. He will not make me feel good if he thinks of interacting with me as "not lacking game," and seeks to feel good himself while overlooking how he "makes me feel."

    That is all

    • Girls in our generation don't like to be chased, you're wrong. They usually say it's "creepy" and "weird." Unless it's just my home country of the United States of stuck-up America.

    • How can I be "wrong" about telling you what "I want/need" in order to "feel good" in order to "give a guy consent" to "have sex with me"? Do you really think you or any guy is in a better position to tell me what's going on inside my head, compared to me (you know, as like a real woman)? I'm explaining to you "why" you're getting that from girls. Now, you can either read, try and understand, and learn so that it doesn't continue happening. Or, you can continue hating on women in general and expecting them to magically change just because you (Lord Emperor Master of the Universe Supremeus) wills it to happen.

      It's not that friggin' hard. Girls are not that friggin' hard. For as long as you're sexually attractive, I'll want to have sex with you. From there on, there are a ton of ways you can mess it up for yourself and make me reconsider having sex with you. All of those ways are some variant of, "This guy is emotionally weird."

    • So, if you want to avoid those negative experiences: (1) be sexually attractive to girls, and (2) don't be emotionally weird. It's that simple!

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  • Yeah but women never make the first move. Guys are just fed up with it, still the chase is fun sometimes. However it feels more secure when a woman approaches you.

    • Women make the first move all the time, as long as it's a wealthy guy. On the other hand, women our age hate it when guys make the first move. It's a lose-lose situation for us.

    • True though I am recovering from dating crazy

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