Girls, how you get a boyfriend?

We guys know how to get a girlfriend, but how about you?


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  • Ahem.

    Step 1: Become one of the guys
    Step 2: Encourage relationships with other girls
    Step 3: Provide genuine advice on other relationships while ensuring he maintains boyfriend qualities as per your own specifications/standards
    Step 4: Inform him during a fight with said other relationship, that you will be his friend no matter what
    Step 5: Advise him to end other relationship (Must follow serious fight)
    Step 6: Support him during his depression due to failed relationship
    Step 7: Subtly encourage flirtation
    Step 8: Go in for the kill - Agree to date
    Optional Step 9: Get married

    Optional Pre-Step Scenario: Accidentally get bowled over by wave and crash into him. Say hello. Begin Step 1.

    Diabolical 95% success rate.


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  • Like any dating question, the answer here is relative. To me, it depends on the kind of guy you'd like to attract. If you are going for more of a me see truck me want truck- impulsive guy, shoot for old fashioned physical attraction by showing off your assets. If you want something deeper, talk about him, ask him about his life and the things he loves. Then talk about yourself so he can know you too. From the talking, comes the relationship.

  • Majority of guys on this site are asking how to get a girlfriend so I think you lied. Lol

  • I don't. That's how.


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