I prefer white woman and hate to admit it, help?

I've allways been against dating white women. I allways thought of them as family wreckers and takes men from their women, cheaters promiscuous etc etc. i grew up to think so since my dad left my mom when i was12 for a white brittish woman she had the nerve to seduce a man of 4 children and break a family. I had to work since very early age as a blacksmith to support us. working on a house decor owned by a foreign couple the last month i kind of fell for his girlfriend (i know ) she allways gave out signals the way she treats me and looks at me. It dosent help that i do have a girlfriend. This makes me feel so contradicting to myself and my beleives. I just hate to admit she's so hot. Ok yeah i love the pocelain skin and the contrast of my skin against hers. I love the grey blue eyes and delicate nose, her perky pink nipples when she drinks and intentially let some water run down her shirt. Knowing that she was eying me too it was only a matter of time untill i gave up denying that i dont fancy her. Her boyfriend has trusted her in my presence to go about his short trips at the construction site he's running. i owe my girlfriend the truth :(this all brings me back to when my father left my mom. Why didn't she just not say anything and left me to finish my job and leave ;( what makes her think she could have anything she wants. i blame myself a lot for sleeping with her. She probably thinks am just meat anyways. I just don't know sometimes i think she does really like me but than again why she delaying breaking up with her boyfriend. i shouldn't even be anticipating it am suppose to have a girlfriend :(


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  • So basically... both you and your dad are cheating scumbags, who refuse to accept their own mistakes and just blame your infidelity on white women.

    Nice to know.

    • Well if I could move up to England or Europe for a work I might than habeas a choice who I date. But I live in south Algeria SOUTH I'm Sahara isle there's not that many whites is there? And I''ve had my share of my own women and found her to be simply just more attractive. And don't you judge me before you know all about my relationship with my girlfriend I haven't even slept with her yet. Do you know that tribal here keep their virginity till , marriage? What if I , ferried her than sex was shit? Am I suppose to live an unhappy unsatisfied sex love just cause I like her? Don't you preach like the father. My dad was count for leading mom with 4 children I haven't left any wife or children. I prefer a sort of women I can't find!!

    • Yeah, you totally don't sound like a douchebag. Nope, not at all.

      Given the age of your account, I'm also willing to wager you're full of shit i. e. quit yer trolling.

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  • There is a lesson here. When a man steps out on his wife, it doesn't just hurt the wife--it hurts the son.

    So PLEASE don't perpetuate the cycle with your own children if you have any.

    Is there any way to break this off, before you get fired by said boyfriend from what I assume is a decent job for you?

    Note that I don't mind your preferences--those are your business--but I most certainly do mind your messing around. If you want a white lady, seek that out from the beginning. Don't go wee-wee in someone else's pool, and don't break your own lady's heart if you two have an actual commitment.

    • It's not that serious of a commitment and after a second thought no I shouldn't be guilty. Yes I'll end it. Yes it's a decent job but his not my boss I work independently he just found me. I habeas my own place I could afford living with her on own own she wants to. Plus she has a family back home we might even move out to England at once but this needs lot of save up.

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  • Why do you hate to admit it? It's what you like and it's pretty fucking OKAY to like a type more than others.

    • Because I don't want to fill up their already big egoes that's why and because my past with white women makes me sound bad.

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    • And am not arsed what you think to be honest you''re a master-shag bag anyways what are u suppose to no.

    • Learn to spell.

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  • I think you're being used. Don't repeat your dad's mistake. Don't give up your girlfriend for this hoe.

  • Everyone prefers white women and they're all afraid to admit it.

    They'll say something like "Asian women are better" but the reality is Asian women dont have a single attractive bone in their body. 99% of them are absolutely disgusting and repulsive, both inside and out, but men have to settle for them if they're too ugly to get a while girl. That's the plain truth.

    • ... No, I still prefer Asian women.

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    • Bahaha, I by far prefer Asian women. 97% of the women that I find attractive on a regular basis are Asian. 1% are White, 1% are Latino, and then the last 1% is split among everyone else.

    • Asian are too small I don't wanna wreck no pussies. And they just all look alike. And am sick of women fancying humping in bed than complaining. She never complained she was the best sex I''ve had. I never felt a woman's juices drips down to my balls I just felt more dominant with her more in controll must be smth about white women.

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