Does this guy like me? Or is he just being friendly?

I have been going to a youth group recently. I've been going for a while. One night this guy named Anthony walked in and everyone seemed to praise him but I hadn't seen him at all when I would go. Turned out he got in trouble and stopped coming. A few days after he asked me something and I wasn't able to give him an answer so i responded with an "i dont know". He simply said "Oh Okay". it was pretty awkward so I asked his name and he got alll defensive. I just shook my head and walked away.

Later that night I heard he was asking around about me, like who I was and how long I had been coming to the youth group. I didn't think much about it. A few weeks later which come to present time I signed up for AYC. It was this weekend (July 31st- Aug 2nd). Anthony was there, which I kinda hoped he wouldn't because of our first encounter.

Throughout the weekend I noticed things about him. He would constantly be staring at me and giving me looks, and when I would catch him I would stare back with a "what the hell you looking at face" and we would end up giving each other a stare down. He would also tease and (playfully) insult me. Somethings I would laugh at and others I would just roll my eyes at (in a good way).

I began to get a bit angry because meanwhile he was being friendly and all nice with everyone else, he would be completly different with me. I also noticed everywhere I turned he was there in the same area I was in. I mean he is really cute and from what I've noticed (I'm a very observant person) about him he seems like a really nice guy. I think i may have gotten feelings for him after this weekend, but he kinda gives weird signals one minute he's around me teasing me and being playful then another he's being rough with me and (again playfully) insulting me or pushing me or pulling my hair.

Does he like me?


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  • I think I know him. Would u by chance know what his last name is?

    • No, sorry. We live in Houston, maybe that will help. But he's pretty tall, skiny, kinda dark, dimples...

    • Oh never mind I live in Georgia. I think he mite be trying to figure out what to think of u. He's unsure and has mixed feelings.

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