Girls, do I stand a chance?

I'm 18 years old and will enter university in fall. I'm 5 foot 8 inches and weigh 160 lbs and am Indian. so do I stand a chance in the dating field? I will attend CSUEB. since I only had one group of friends in hs (cliques everywhere), how do you think I'll do? do I have a chance with older girls or taller girls? am I too short for my height (5 foot 8)? please help!


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  • Yes you have a chance at the dating world. Good luck and stay safe

    • what about against more financially richer / more fit / more social / funnier guys? how'd I compete against them? and what about taller and older girls? would I get with them? Given my info?

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  • Yes you do now go and get them! Ypu souns like a really attractive and chill personalitie guy sorry for my bad anglish

  • As far as I know Indians are the unwanted ones in the dating game.

    • WTF do I do then?

    • No idea. Find someone as low looking as your standarts?

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