Where do I stand?

I'm not really sure where I stand, or how to proceed, so maybe someone can give me their thoughts?

(Sorry for the wall of text!)

I became friends with a girl ('A') at university, but I was in a long-term realtionship at the time, so never thought about her in terms of romance etc.

However, around a year later I became single and we started to become friendlier/flirtier. Hoever, we didn't see each other for a while (summer break), and I met another girl ('B'), who I had a fanastic relationship with. During this time, 'A' had clearly developed a crush on me, but I wasn't interested as I had a girlfriend. I did think she was a great girl though, and attractive.

Girl B and I were incompatible in the long run, due to our careers, our future plans (ie children etc), and her moving far away for her career, so we agreed to just be best friends.

I was content with being alone for many months, but then I met up with some mutual friends which A and I share. A wasn't there, so I sent her a message saying it was a shame we couldn't catch up. No reply.

I thought about her more and more, so several weeks later I sent her a message saying I would be in her town later in the week, and asked if she wanted to meet up. She told me she was sorry as she was working that day. A few days later I told her that I would like to come back when we were both free. No reply. So several days later I messaged her again, suggesting Saturday. No reply.

Normally I would think she wasn't interested, and maybe I should have given up already. However, she could be skeptical of me, as I am not sure she knows I am not with girl B, and maybe she is unsure of my intentions? Knowing that she is single, and that she at least used to really like me, I would think I have some chance of winning her attention?

How should I go forwards? Have I burnt my bridges?

Thank you.



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  • You burnt your bridges.


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