Why was he thinking our relationship was turning into a friends with benefits kind of thing?

We dated for a few months, we had a great time. We hung out at his house most of the time. We watched movies, played video games. We cuddled on the couch and of course made out. I wouldn't let him touch anything else, but my butt because a butt is a butt everyone has one. He would lay on top of me I would lay on top of him when we watched movies but that's it. We went bowling, to the movies, swimming. He broke up with me suddenly because he thought this was going to turn into a friends with benefits relationship. I of course did not think of it that way, first relationship, first boyfriend. He broke up with me because I was way to shy, and I set a lot of boundaries. He still wants to be friends. It hurts to think that he only thought of me in one way. Went out to get drinks (not alcohol) we had a good time.
  • Yes friends with benefits.
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  • No it wasn't leading there at all.
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  • It helps to establish some boundaries early in the relationship. If you won't make out at all, he gets the idea without saying anything. But if you are willing to start making out but then draw a line short of having sex, that is something that a guy doesn't expect so you need to let him know.


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