Why do successfull guys like the shy girls?

There's this one girl in my classes, she's smart, pretty, but shy and she keeps to herself. She works a lot and exercises, but she doesn't have much of a social life. That girl attracted a really successfull and rich guy, why?


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  • Because most men instinctively prefer their women to be meeker than them. Add in the fact that he's successful, he doesn't want his potential future spouse to be too arrogant, or else he risks losing his stuff to her. He's a smart man I might say.

    • would you say a marriage between those two would end up as a case of a housewife and a successful guy with tons of friends and huge social life and such? or like that he would they would be on different levels all the time?

      or he would look at her and their home as his "run away" and his place of comfort that he turns to and that his wife would be like his best friend that he talks to her about everything (as opposed to the first scenario where she is just a "wife" and the real/serious talk is only with his buddies) ?

      just curious because i see this sometimes and im wondering what kinda marriages those would turn into lol

    • I would have to know them to answer that.

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  • Most guys in my school say its cute when a girl is shy and to herself , because most girls are always in drama. Soo most like girls that can mind there own business and stuff I guess


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  • Ya, they are better behaved!

  • The shy girls give a better chase

  • She's usually submissive and no hassle, probably won't cheat on you et cetera.

    • yikes -gulps and pulls on collar-

    • This place should be about honesty, you might not like it but that's the way it is.

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