Went Through A Heartache. Thinking of Having Friends With Benefits or One Night Stands. Should I?

So to make a long story short. I was really into a guy and I thought he really liked me. We have been "dating" on and off for three years and at times when he would ask me I would give him money to help him out. When I decided not to give him money anyore he stopped talking to me and then two weeks later he calls me just to tell me he has a girlfriend and he's happy and he only did it just to piss me off. He called me ugly and said that her sex was better and that even though I have a job and money I will never find love. (This guy doesn't have a job not even a GED) I played it off but I'm hurt and upset that he is able to move on so quickly and I am unable to find a guy to be interested in me. This is not the first time that a guy I liked has ditched me for someone else and thrown it in my face and I'm startin to believe that I will never find a guy that really likes me for me. So I figure I would just have a friend with benefits or one night stands at this point. I need a way to get over this heartbreak and joining clubs to meet new people just doesn't help me. What should I do? Should I just go back to having friends with benefits since having a meaningful relationship doesn't seem to happen for me? It seems kind of wrong but I do have needs like any other human being.
I've decided the one night stand thing isn't the best way for me to get over this. Even though he does have someone and brags about being happy with her and I don't have any guys at all, the only way I'm going to really get over it is if I just let these feelings pass and forget everything. Maybe it's not my time to be with somebody.


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  • get a good man. one that has high morals and I would say one that hasn't slept around. maybe a guy who's only ever been with one or two girls.

    • that's the problem. I'm not finding any good men. The closest I get to a good guy is one who pretends to be a good guy then he's not.

    • what does the "good guy" usually do to lie to you?

    • It's hard to explain. The last guy, the one I posted about was really nice to me making me think that I was really the one for him. He would tell me he doesn't have other girls or he never liked another girl as much as he liked me.

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  • I say hold out for the right man. don't lower yourself to an easy girl. maybe it the type of guys you keep going for. try going for a guy you wouldn't go for or the ones you usually ignore.

    • I tried going for a guy that I wasn't into that I consider as a friend and I just ended up not liking it. There was no chemistry.

  • First off forget him and take some time and be single fall in love with your self and if a little bit down the road find a friend with benefits who knows that could lead to more you have to be friends with someone as well as love them. You have to love yourself before anyone else can love you the right one will find you. All that idiot is trying to make you jealous and hurt he doesn't have a clue what he is talking about because we are all beautiful I n our own way and believe me inner beauty is so much more attractive.

  • That's something only you can decide for yourself.


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