How often do you get asked out on a proper date and why do you think that is?

Being asked for nude pictures online and being asked for a one night stand doesn't count (obviously).

This just asks how many times are you asked out on a 'proper' date by someone? If you say no it still counts. If you're not even attracted to the gender of the person asking you out, it still counts.

Vote for the option that applies to you best and please explain why you think you get asked out so little/much.
  • Never. I have never been asked out.
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  • Once or twice a year.
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  • Once every couple of months / Several times a year or so.
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  • Once every few weeks / Once a month at least
    Vote D
  • Once a week / Multiple times a month.
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  • Once a day / Several times a week.
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  • More than once a day.
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Also, how often do you say yes?
What makes you say yes?


Most Helpful Girl

  • I picked once every few weeks/once a month at least. That's probably a good estimate for my average. Sometimes (like recently) I'll get asked out once a week or multiple times a month. And other times I'll go a couple months where no one does. But I think D. is a good estimate.

    I'm not sure whether that is a lot or a little compared to other single girls my age.


Most Helpful Guy

  • I've never been asked out. Can't really say other than that I don't get out much and I don't attract a lot of attention from women. Among the outdated trope of the whole "Guys are supposed to be the initiator" nonsense.

    • I'm the same. I felt a little weird asking but I'm curious about the differences in male/female responses.

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What Girls Said 8

  • Legitimately, never I guess
    I've sort of been asked out by 3 or 4 guys, but it was a long time ago, everyone was kinda immature, and I'm pretty sure all those times were just a joke, boys like messing with me.

    • If it was a joke, they were assholes. I hate it when people mess with each other like that.

    • Yeah, like they said, they were young and immature. But I'm not 100% sure if all of those were jokes.

    • *like I said

  • Depends on where I am and whether I've given up on dating again or not. Right now I'm not dating because of my #GradSchoolProblems.

  • Lol never. No one has ever asked me out. I am a potato. I will now roll off into the sunset.

    • I am the same so don't be too harsh on yourself (and by extension, me). :P

    • Lol oh sorry! I'll lighten up

    • Good! That's an upvote for you. :P

  • Only once by this guy, and I only went because I wanted to watch captain america... :/

    • So you didn't like him at all?

    • Show All
    • minus that second comma xD I'm used to writing danish, sorry! :P

    • Sorry for a second comma? Relax. :)

      English speakers destroy our language so you can add as many commas if you want. lol

      Just, go, crazy/ no, one, can, complain.

  • Other crucial variable - am I on the market? Right now I'm in a committed relationship. (I assume my boyfriend suggesting that we get together doesn't count, right?) I do nothing to encourage anyone to ask me out; if I'm talking to a random guy and get the impression he's interested/ flirting, I'll find a way to slip in some mention of my boyfriend. I get asked out less often than once a month now. When I was actively dating, talking to guys online and when I was just out and about, it was far more often than weekly. Guys aren't entirely clueless, so it matters a lot if you're sending out a "don't ask" or a "let's talk" vibe.

  • I've never been asked out in my entire 19 years on this planet.. sad story, ik..

  • C.
    I'm in a relationship and occasionally I get asked out for dinner or something

  • Pretty often.


What Guys Said 2

  • The last time someone asked me out I was asked to 'loan' a few thousand $$. I declined smiling.

  • Never ever here.


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