Girls I believe she lying?

My girlfriend on insta has liked a lot of dude stuff. His pics, his status such as "I need a girl who doesn't play games", his songs, and you got the idea. If that's not alarming check out this last convo they had. It was dude's b-day.

Her: Hey happy b-day and congrats on your new car!

Him: thanks i'm about to put a custom exhaust on it.

Her: * in love emoji face =() * your going to be killing it. We should take our cars for a spin or we can roll on yours.

Him: No doubt your a real one you know

Her: Real recognize real

My girlfriend works for a car dealer she knows of cars. When i asked her about him she said "Haha no way he's a wanna be thug he's just my cool friend", He's arab guy who works for a food delivery and has an old car yea i know corny.

What do you think about this? can she be lying about liking guy


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  • How long have they known each other? If they've been friends for awhile I would believe her when she says they are friends.

    I have a really good guy friend and I like all his pictures on insta but he's purely my friend.


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  • She probably is.


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