Recommended ways/places to socialize more?

I'll cut to the chase, I am a good looking but shy man with poor social skills (I can fake it real good at work but get more nervous on dates/social gatherings) and I am looking for ways to get out more and find a GOOD girl to date. What kind of venues would you recommend for socializing more? My first idea would be a bar but I don't think you find many keepers there (although my friends have taken plenty of girls home from bars). That's about all I can think... a friend of mine suggested a church but I just don't see how that would work (ask them out after the service?).

Any advice is greatly appreciated. I really want to improve myself I just don't know where to start.


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  • Why NOT a church? People gather and visit after services. There are church social events. There are group studies. There are church dinners. If you have musical ability you can be on the worship team. If you have any interest at all in spiritual matters by all means try a church.

    • Yeah true I guess I didn't think of all the social club events besides the actual church service. There's just so many churches around me with different denominations I don't know about all that. I guess I can pick one and give it a try... hope there are some pretty girls there.

    • Some churches have older congregations that have not tried to attract younger members. You won't be happy there. Look for a church that has a vibrant youth and young adult program.

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  • Try to get a group of friends to go to happy hour after work. It is a group so it's more comfortable, it is people you know, and potentially you have some ladies who are eligible.

  • After work party?
    Company gatherings?
    Car clubs?
    Ooooh... definitely car clubs. Who knows... maybe there's a girl who's into cars there... oh man I wonder what would those girls look like.

    • But what if they make fun of him, belittle him, hurt him? I think he is better of alone. Society is overrated anyway. I know how these things turn out man. Better off playing video games in his room the rest of his life.

      Trust me I'm 29. Illusive bro, life gets far far worse as you become an old man like me.

    • @Aeon_Flux_21
      What if he helps an old lady to cross a road , but the old lady has ebola , he catches it from her and spread it to his dog?

  • Take an evening class. Sign up for online dating sites. Go on Meetup and look for groups that share interests with you.

  • Join a mixed sport team


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