Guys, I told a guy I love you and he said?

I told him that I love him in private message and he said "we ll thanks" we have been talking for months. He wants to date me but I'm taken. I want to at least help him; he is homless. We've skyped a lot. He is a total nerd.

So what is he thinking? (Just need some opinions not judgements because I'm taken.)


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  • homeless? and he owns a phone?

    weird... anyway "well thanks" sounds like "i don't care"... but i might be wrong though and he maybe said "well thanks" coz he was nervous... whilst he wanted to say sth else instead

    • He has money from his last job but it's running out.

      That sounds like something he would do! Lol

      He is very shy- doesn't know what to say to women. Thanks for the opinion. I think you're right. Z

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    • again u r welcome :D

      sad to know though

    • Yeah- I plan to help him. I can't let him keep going on like that.

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  • why would you tell him you love him if you can't be with him?
    thats just plain mean if you ask me...

    • I know what you're saying; but you have no idea what I plan to do. I'm a genius, by the time I see him, he will no longer be homeless and have a job. He will have a better life.

      He's an amazing guy...

      I'm not going to go into detail. That's my personal business.

  • Think he's nervous as you are taken. If he likes you, he will respond back if you meet in person and convey this to him or on a date.

    Could you check mine out pls?


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