Bestfriend and ex boyfriend?

Okay so I split up with my boyfriend because I had lost my feelings for him and 1 day after we broke up he started to flirt with my best friend. I decided to stay friends with him because our whole "squad" is on a group chat he was openly flirting with her when I was there. I didn't know how I felt about this and my best friend then told my she was staring to like him and I said I'm happy for them both because truthfully I was now after about a week there going out and I feel really angry at both of them. I don't want to say tho. I have No feelings for him because I have moved on and I'm staring to get to know someone else but I don't know why I feel so angry I just want them to be happy I think the main reason I'm agent is because he waits a day and flirts with my bff like he could have waited a little more


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  • You were betrayed and he acted as if his feelings for you were insignificant. I get it!


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  • If you gave them consent, you have no right to be angry. I'm sorry, but that's the truth. Once you tell somebody that you're okay with their relationship, you can't change your mind nor have much of an opinion about it. You can have your feelings, but you can't say what they should or shouldn't have done since you never told either of them that: "You would be more comfortable if they waited until the breakup was more along." Your boyfriend was clearly on the rebound and didn't take your relationship seriously, but that is normal for 18 and under relationships. It's all new and less meaningful when you're that immature.

    • Okay tbf that does seem a good answer but I can't help feeling like this is there anyway to get over this feeling?

    • Time is all you have. Don't focus on their relationship, focus on yours and ignore them as an item. Try to see them as your two friends. Don't follow any statuses pertaining to their relationship, don't listen to talk of their relationship, etc. Essentially pretend that their relationship doesn't exist and focus on you. By the time you think about it again, you should hardly care.

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  • Smh why are you accepting that as a friend no friend should want anything behind you !!! That's so not cool you have every right to be mad at both of them he's probably doing it for attention but she's definitely out of line both of them are I would never do that to my friend Bestfriend at that she is a snake and so is he

    • Thankyou for understanding

    • Unacceptable Idc what you said they both sneaky and it shoulda never been an opinion

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