So I think this girl likes me but I can't quite tell (Sorry I'm not very good with reading signs or anything haha)?

Keep in mind that me and this girl just recently started talking (like talking often, cause I would see her at social gatherings and we would talk there, but never outside of those.) So me and this girl have been texting a lot lately. She usually texts first though, but I have also started some convos. No matter which one of us starts it, she is just as enthusiastic every time (emojis, exclamation points, pretty long responses, etc.) We have also hung out once since we started talking (which again was only like 3 weeks ago) and she knew that hangout was just me and her. This guy actually asked if he could come along but she found a way it seems to have it where he didn't come and it was just us two. Also while we were talking during the hang out she told me something and she flat out said she had never told anyone before, but she's telling me because she feels like she can trust me. Recently she also has been asking to hang out again. Now I have never had a girl like me in that way before (I'm a sophomore in high school, so that's a bit sad I suppose,) so I am not sure if she actually does have a crush on me. What do you guys think? Does she like me in that way or does she just view me as a friend? Also as a side question of sorts, she's a senior, so would that be odd at all if she did like me in that way and we possibly dated? Thanks for your help! (:


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  • I feel it's too early to tell but if she texts you, she's at least somewhat interested! I know if someone texts me and I'm not interested in him, he might get like two or three responses. If it's a continuous conversation, I think you're safe!

    • Ah that makes sense; thank you for the response!

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