I like my friend?

So I've never liked my friend in a romantic way and encouraged him to get in relationships with different girls. Well at one point (a half a year ago) he liked me but didn't tell me until about a month ago... I didn't like him at the time and thought he liked someone else.

Well I believe I like him now but he doesn't know and still thinks I think of him as a close friend. But there's a catch...

He has a long distance relationship with his girlfriend he loves. I'm not sure if I should tell him just to clear the water and not expect anything to come of it, keep it to myself and maybe act on it when he is single again or try to stop liking him all together?
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  • Well you missed your chance when he was single but I know feelings can't be forced, or it's possible you liked him back then but you weren't sure if you should tell him or something like that, I don't know but whatever it was that's the past. Now I don't think you should do anything, you should wait for him to be single again and then you take it forward.


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  • you could tell him and just see what he says.


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  • life is short you are young , decide if you want to tell him but if you dont want to its best to move on it will hurt later on if not

    at that age not many people stay together anyway, it may be cruel to put it that way but IF you cause a problem, oh well... maybe they aren't meant to be anyway, tell him i say

  • "keep it to myself and maybe act on it when he is single again" this one


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